You Should Join The Association of Canadian Clubs If…
  • You Care about Canada.
  • You are interested in our country and its future.
  • You want to be better informed about issues that affect Canada.
  • You believe that informed citizens are important to the future of this country.
  • You value and enjoy the opportunity to meet other committed Canadians.
  • You are concerned with the values and processes that guide our nation.
Membership Benefits
  • A forum to engage with other members and to express your enthusiasm, and passion for Canada
  • Hear high-calibre speakers who bring topics of interest through our speaker roster as part of our series “City Renewal through Business, Politics, Arts and Culture”
  • Receive our Club newsletter “The Canadian”
  • Enjoy the member’s price for our monthly luncheon meetings held at a friendly, and inviting venue Access current Board Members knowledgeable about The Canadian Club of Hamilton
  • Share a table and enjoy a networking lunch with other Club members and guests who also take pride in Canada and being a Canadian.
Membership Fees
  • Corporate $150 / year
  • Family $100 / year
  • Individual $65 / year
  • Retired $50 / year
  • Student $25 / year