Harry Meester

President’s Message

Welcome of the Canadian Club of Hamilton! Whether you are a first-generation immigrant like me or your family’s story stretches back through generations of Canadian history, we share a passion for this amazing country.

Our Club’s goal is simple: to be a great club celebrating great Canadians! Sometimes we encourage robust conversation by hosting provocative guests who talk about issues that Canadians vigorously debate. At other events, we celebrate the rich accomplishments of gifted Canadians who help make this country a better place for all. Always, we seek to provide interesting events that will leave our audience with a deeper appreciation of the complexity and strength of this great country.

We believe that hospitality over a meal is the best way to break down barriers. I am more likely to accept your point of view if I know and understand you. Acquaintances can grow to friendships, and the bonds we build strengthen our community.

Our student program integrates youth by allowing access to important speakers and by interacting with the cross-section of Hamilton’s citizens. The Club’s future is in the hands of the next generation.

Thank you to our long-term members for sustaining the Club. I encourage guests to take the plunge and join! Thank you to our kind and generous sponsors who keep the club going. Feel free to talk to me about corporate sponsorship.

As President of the original and oldest Canadian Club in Canada, it is an honour to welcome you and encourage you to enjoy the benefits of this fine organization.

Harry Meester