About the Canadian Club of Hamilton

For over a century, the Canadian Club of Hamilton has played a major role in promoting national pride and unity. In the month of February 1893, a public meeting was held in Hamilton led by a young Canadian, Charles R. McCullough.

The initiating resolution read:

“It is, in the opinion of this meeting, a fit and proper time to take definite steps, however humble, to deepen and widen the regard of Canadians for their land of birth or adoption and to increase their interest in matters affecting the welfare of their country.

Be it, therefore, resolved that this meeting proceed to the organization of a society to be known as The Canadian Club, having for its objects the encouragement of the study of the history, literature, and resources of Canada, the recognition of native and talent, and the fostering of a patriotic Canadian sentiment.”

Within 15 years of that meeting, the movement that originated in Hamilton had spanned across the country, and played a critical role in rallying national unity. During the 1890’s, national awareness and unity was dangerously low during a period of high immigration – few new Canadians shared a strong sense of patriotism. With the creation of the Canadian Club, for the first time, many Canadians now had a strong outlet to feel pride in being unified in their newly adopted country.

By 1907, nearly 30 Canadian Clubs had been organized from coast to coast, including the start of two Women Canadian Clubs in Montreal and Winnipeg. The Canadian Club movement had begun, and played a critical role in national unity spanning the immense size and scope of this grand country.

Today, the Canadian Club of Hamilton welcomes new members to attend our regular monthly luncheons that feature highly topical speakers discussing important issues surrounding our nation’s pride and union. Our speakers have ranged from famed CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge, to local figures such as Dr. Chris Spence. Participation in the Canadian Club of Hamilton provides a tremendous outlet to fellowship with many prominent local politicians and business leaders, as well as being able to share in the dignity of continuing the work started by Charles R. McCullough back in 1893.

As a club, we encourage you to learn more about this important historical part of our community and nation. We extend this invitation to join our members in sharing the special pride of being a part of an important movement that helped shape the very foundation of our countries ideals. We look forward to your participation in continuing this dialogue of patriotism for generations to come.

Mission Statement

To share and promote our passion for Canada

David Lloyd Johnston

His Excellency the Right Honourable

David Lloyd Johnston
Governor General

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